About Us

Dalit Bahujan Resource Centre is an NGO which evolved in 1992 as a movement for promotion of livelihood, dignity and self-respect of Dalit Bahujan Communities. DBRC provides information, knowledge and capacity building to Dalit Bahujan Communities for their social, economical and cultural empowerment.

DBRC focuses on empowering the Dalit Bahujan Communities with special insight on women, children, un-organized sector and the most vulnerable communities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


The Goal of DBRC is to enable Dalit Bahujans to actualize their dreams, a new society where Dalit Bahujans will become aware of their rights and entitlements; develop strong social and financial resources; and become part of decision making bodies and processes at all levels.


Vibrant Dalit Bahujan Movement by men and women of concern who assert themselves powerfully and effectively as stake holders in the governance to reclaim human dignity and integrity.


The Mission of DBRC is Enabling Assertive interventions of Dalit Bahujan Communities and mainstreaming towards socio economic empowerment.


  • To eradicate social problems like poverty, unemployment, dowry system, violence, atrocities, untouchability and discrimination towards Dalit Bahujans and Women in particular with the cooperation of multi stakeholders.
  • To build, strengthen the marginalized and vulnerable communities to access, ascertain the human development components such as education, health, livelihoods and dignity with right centric approach.
  • To eliminate and reduce the adverse environmental impacts by working on environment and climate change related issues such as solid waste management, integration of informal sector in to waste management.
  • To address violence against women by capacitating activists / leaders and establish coordination mechanisms with legal Service Authorities, Police and other judiciary set ups contributing to violence free society.
  • To conscientise and empower HIV and AIDS affected people and its families with comprehensive mainstreaming process.
  • To support, strengthen efforts of state, central and local governments in empowering downtrodden, marginalized communities.

Our Strategy

  • Perspective building
  • Conceptualization of the context
  • Communication, Research and Documentation
  • Capacity building
  • Resource mobilization
  • Promoting thematic interventions
  • Nurturing community structures
  • Networks and alliance building.
  • Lobby and Advocacy

What we do

  • Promotion of Dalit Bahujan Ideology
  • Strengthening women leadership
  • Conducting community education campaigns
  • Capacity building on different thematic issues
  • Discussion & Debate on contemporary socio economic issues
  • Dissemination of information
  • Advocacy with the government to ensure policy changes in accordance with the community needs
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Facilitating the activities intended to social security of the marginalized communities
  • Publication of pamphlets, booklets, fact sheets, news letter
  • Promotion and protection of rights and entitlements

Way forward

  • To focus on urban poor and to protect their livelihood rights.
  • To develop strategies for ensuring social justice, rights and entitlements to the Dalit Bahujan Communities.
  • To enable a society free from discrimination on the basis of gender, caste and class.
  • Every Dalit Bahujan family should have agricultural land and shelter.